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Have you been hoping to get your hands on a quick and powerful sports car? When you visit Monza Exotics, we offer a wide range of supercar rentals in Orange County. Our high-performance vehicles have exceptional acceleration and speed. They also happen to come from amazing brands like Lamborghini and Ferrari.


There’s no reason you have to give up on your dreams, especially when one of them is about spending time in luxury sports cars. Our flashy, luxurious, fast, and prestigious offerings are made to turn heads and make you feel good when you’re driving. No matter your reasons for visiting California, you can benefit from our sports car rentals in Orange County.

What Makes a Vehicle a Supercar?

Most people are familiar with sports cars, and supercars are quite similar. When you think about a sports car, you might think of high-tech features, a sleek design, and simple yet comfortable driving. Those same things come into play with supercars but not all sports cars qualify for this distinction.

The main difference between a typical sports car and a supercar is that the latter costs more, may be more nuanced to drive, and goes even quicker. Many people take their sports cars out for everyday driving, while those who own supercars may only use them for special occasions.

The good news is that owning a supercar isn’t required to enjoy the experience of driving one. You can check out the selection of sports car rentals in Orange County when you do business with Monza Exotics. We have both supercars and traditional sports cars, all of which come from top manufacturers like Mercedes, Rolls Royce, and McLaren.

Reasons to Take Advantage of Supercar Rentals in Orange County

Everyone likes to look at exotic cars, but you might not have the cash to put one in your garage. Renting a sports car gives you a sweet ride to show up in at events. You get the enjoyment of driving a fantastic car that might otherwise be out of your reach.

Think about the last time you went on a long drive and what kind of car you drove. If you’re like many, it was an SUV or van. There’s nothing wrong with that but it certainly isn’t going to make waves and create lifelong memories. When you pull up to a wedding in a Lamborghini, that’s going to create a whole different experience.

If you want to show up somewhere and create a memorable moment, you should consider sports car rentals in Orange County. You’ll get everyone’s eyes on you when you show up in a Cadillac or a Ferrari. A Rolls Royce or a Range Rover can also get you plenty of respect. It just comes down to which of these vehicles appeals to you.

No matter which supercar you decide to rent, it’s going to provide luxury beyond any traditional rental car. These vehicles are made to shine on the exterior and interior. Not only will you get looks as you drive by, but the vehicle will be super comfortable and full of amenities.

On top of that, supercar rentals in Orange County provide a way to try something new. Even if you’ve been considering purchasing a luxury car, it’s always good to explore all your options. Monza Exotics lets you rent cars for 24 hours or more so you can get acclimated and decide if it’s the right vehicle for your needs.

Enjoy Extra Convenience With a Chauffeured Ride

You can choose to drive any of our sports car rentals in Orange County on your own or go in another direction and have a driver there to handle the work. Many of our cars can be fitted with a chauffeur so all you need to focus on is having a fantastic time while you take in the sights and sounds of Southern California.

When someone else is handling the driving, you can focus on everything else. This is a great option when you are escorting a few other people to an event. Or just book a driver to cut down on the hassle of doing all the driving on your own. It’s just another way to create an excellent experience.

Monza Exotics for Supercars, Sports Cars, and Much More

Whether you want a supercar, sports car, SUV, or something else, Monza Exotics is here to pave your way to spending time in the car of your dreams. Our wide selection means we have something for everyone, no matter your reason for needing a rental. Check out our website to see the selection and make your reservation.

If you need to speak to us on the phone, you can call 949-877-6485. We can also be reached at Reach out to us for more information or to make a reservation for supercar rentals in Orange County.