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Whether you live in the city or merely want to explore the City of Angels in style, luxury car rentals in Los Angeles are made to meet your needs. Monza Exotics offers a diverse fleet of models for premium car rentals, including sedans, SUVs, supercars, and even more.

Consider how much fun it would be to roll down the streets in a vehicle by Mercedes Benz, Rolls Royce, Range Rover, or McLaren. If you’re exploring the city hot spots, a convertible or sedan is a great choice. Those who want to drive through the mountains can get into an SUV.

Why Consider Monza Exotics for Luxury SUV Rentals

There are tons of reasons to go with Monza Exotics for all your luxury SUV needs. The first is how simple it is to reserve the car of your dreams. All you need to do is visit the website, look through the exotic car rentals in Los Angeles, and click a button under the photo of the one you want.

From there, you’ll be directed to the reservation page. You’ll fill in your billing and contact information as well as when you wish to reserve the car. Hit submit and the reservation process begins. A hold will be placed on your payment card for the rental amount and you will receive a reservation request email.

Another reason to choose Monza Exotics is because you get exactly what you see. In fact, we guarantee that the exact car you chose in the reservation process is the one you receive when you pick up your rental. We pride ourselves on offering precisely what clients want in exotic sports car rentals in Los Angeles.

How Long Are Luxury Car and SUV Rentals?

We understand that getting into your dream car is something you may have wanted for years. As such, our car rental durations start at 24 hours. There’s no need to rush around with short rentals when you could instead really enjoy the experience. Get to know the car and see what it’s capable of with a longer rental period.

However, a one-day rental isn’t the only option. Instead, choose to rent a gorgeous vehicle for a weekend or a more extended period. Take time to zoom around the streets as you drive through Los Angeles or even the whole of Southern California. It’s sure to be an experience you never forget.

Is Special Insurance Needed for Exotic Car Rentals in Los Angeles?

When you rent a luxury vehicle from Monza Exotics, most people do not need additional insurance. If you are from the United States and have coverage for different cars, no extra insurance will be needed. All we do is call the provider to make sure you are covered and in good standing.

Are you coming to California from an international country? Don’t worry, we also have options for you. Our years of experience have given us the needed expertise to help you obtain insurance coverage for the duration of your rental period.

Options for Exotic Sports Car Rentals in Los Angeles

Monza Exotics offers a wide variety of vehicles for rent. Rather than focusing on traditional cars you see every day, we carry a variety of luxury SUVs, sports cars, and more. Go with a convertible to feel the wind in your hair or choose an ultra-luxury car when you want to be endlessly comfortable. It’s up to you.

In addition to offering many types of vehicles, we also offer selections from the top brands. Choose a Rolls Royce, Cadillac, Mercedes, or Range Rover to meet with a client. Or consider a McLaren, Lamborghini, or Ferrari for a night out on the town when you want to be noticed.

Take a look at the different vehicles available on our website. You can choose by type and brand and then narrow things down based on preferences. No matter what you’re looking for, Monza Exotics offers luxury car rentals in Los Angeles that are sure to appeal.

Contact Monza Exotics for Luxury SUV Rentals in Los Angeles

Are you ready to get yourself into an exotic car for a wedding, client meeting, or other celebration? Monza Exotics is here to help. We can walk you through the process or you can visit our website and get started now. Search through our vehicles, select the one you like most, and reserve it for the dates you need.

There’s nothing better than putting your foot on the pedal in a car you’ve always wanted to drive. And finally it can be more than a daydream. Today is the day to rent a luxury sports car and take it for a drive around the city.

When you’re ready to learn more, get in touch with the agents at Monza Exotics. You can email us at or call us at 949-877-6485. Or visit our website and reserve a Ferrari or Lamborghini today.