The Top Sports Car Rental Services in Los Angeles – Monza Exotics

Have you ever wanted to drive down the freeway in an instantly recognizable car? When you choose one of the best providers of Ferrari rentals in Los Angeles, that’s precisely what you get. With only a few thousand of these sports cars produced each year, driving one around is sure to get envious eyes on you.

Monza Exotics can put you into a Spider and let you experience what driving fast truly means. This vehicle has a 670-horsepower engine, can go zero to 60 mph in 3.2 seconds, and has an extra seat for a treasured companion. If the Ferrari is your dream car, rent one for a day and experience what you’ve been missing.

Stunning Exotic Luxury Cars Available in Los Angeles and Beyond

Ferrari isn’t the only luxury brand that we have ready for your next special event. If you’re searching for Lamborghini rentals in Los Angeles, we have you covered there, as well. Our unique variety of sports cars from prominent brands ensures we can meet your specific needs when it comes to eye-catching transportation.


Choose from several types of Lamborghinis, such as the Urus or Huracan EVO Coupe, and enjoy driving in style for 24 hours or more. Our extended rental period ensures you get the most bang for your buck. You’re sure to make all your friends jealous when you roll up in one of the most desirable vehicles in the world.

How Old Should I Be for McLaren Rentals in Los Angeles?

Unlike some rental car companies in Orange County, we can rent a luxury sports car to anyone who is 21 years of age or older. All you need to do is have insurance in good standing to move forward. Those under 25 who rent will pay an underage fee of 20%.

Those in love with the McLaren brand can drive away with a 570S Spider. It comes with two seats, 562 horsepower, and can go from zero to 60 mph in 3.4 seconds. When you want speed and a brand you can trust, there’s nothing better than Monza Exotics for all your premium rentals.

Do I Need Special Insurance for Mercedes Rentals in Los Angeles?

If you are a citizen of the United States who has auto insurance that covers driving different cars, no additional coverage is needed. An agent from Monza Exotics will reach out to your insurance provider to ensure you’re covered and in good standing. Then you can get into the car and drive it wherever your day takes you.

Are you coming into town from another country? When you come in for luxury car rentals — like a Range Rover, Ferrari or Mercedes — in Los Angeles, we’ll work with you. Our team will make sure you have proper insurance coverage for as long as the luxury sports car is in your care.

Excellent Reasons to Check Out Rolls Royce Rentals in Los Angeles

When you want to drive the car of your dreams, there’s nowhere better equipped to make that a reality than a luxury car rental company. You can drive a car you’ve always wanted to get behind the wheel of. Whether you want to take one on a spin for a day, a weekend, or longer, it’s an experience you’ll likely never forget.

Many people who choose Ferrari and Lamborghini rentals in Los Angeles do so to show up in style to special events. Think about how impressive it would be to roll up to a high school reunion in a McLaren or drive away from your wedding behind the wheel of a Range Rover.

Another reason to look into Rolls Royce rentals in Los Angeles is to get a feel for a car you might want to own. If you’re thinking about upgrading to a luxury sports car, rent one first and make sure it checks all the boxes. There’s no reason to jump into a purchase without any first-hand experience.

Plus, when you choose McLaren rentals in Los Angeles, you get to choose cars that you won’t typically see at the dealership. You’ll find some of the rarest and most stunning cars on the Monza Exotics website. Reserve the ideal vehicle online and receive the exact one you saw on your screen.

Choose Monza Exotics for Luxury Rentals in Los Angeles

Monza Exotics offers a wide variety of vehicles for rent, including SUVs, four-door sedans, coupes, convertibles, supercars, and ultra-luxury cars. If you’re ready to get behind the wheel of a powerful car, reach out to us and get the process started.

Contact us at 949-877-6485 or send an email to You can also visit us at 18081 Redondo Circle, Suite B, Huntington Beach, CA, if you’d like to speak with us in person. We’re available from 8 am to 8 pm every day of the week. See us today and experience the best Lamborghini and Range Rover rentals in Los Angeles.