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Monza Exotics Car Rental

If you want to find an excellent West Hollywood luxury car rental company, try Monza Exotics. Not only do we offer multiple sports, exotic, and luxury cars for rental, but you can go through the options and determine which one you want to rent based on your preferences.

The choices may seem intimidating, but you can rest easy by reviewing all the information and getting a feel for our offer. Doing so will allow you to enjoy a beautiful car as you explore West Hollywood and the surrounding areas.

Monza Exotics Car Rental

Why You Should Pick Monza Exotics for Sports, Exotic, and Luxury Car Rentals

As you look into the exotic rentals West Hollywood offers, you’ll want to remember crucial points regarding Monza Exotics’s value to understand why it works.

  • Going through multiple makes and types
  • Locations in California and Miami
  • Know the price before buying


As you go through our site, you’ll come across various makes and types based on what you want. For example, you can rent a Rolls-Royce or go for a convertible, allowing you to browse the options and see what works best for your situation.

Not only can you get the luxury car rentals West Hollywood offers, but you can also find them in Los Angeles, Orange County, and Miami. With the wide range of options available, you can seek rentals for West Hollywood, though you can rely on us if you go to other areas.

You can also review the prices and know what you can expect as you go through the steps. Then, as you check out the options, you can follow a few crucial points to start the rental process and ensure you get the vehicle you want.

  1. Choose a category or make
  2. Select the vehicle you want
  3. Choose the date you wish to rent the vehicle
  4. Select the pick-up time
  5. Pick how many days you want to rent the car
  6. Fill in your payment information and submit it

As you review the details and pay for the rental, you can access the vehicle and have it ready when needed. You’ll also notice that the prices for days three onward cost less, so take advantage of that to maximize the value if you need the car for multiple days.

What Our Customers Have To Say

Christian Simpson
July 16, 2023.
I recently had the pleasure of renting a car from Monza Exotics , and I must say it was an outstanding experience from start to finish. As someone who frequently travels for both business and leisure, I've encountered various car rental companies, but Monza Exotics truly exceeded my expectations. From the moment I contacted Jason, I was impressed by his professionalism and attentiveness. He contacted my insurance agent for me and offered valuable insights to help me choose the perfect vehicle for my needs. His prompt response time and willingness to answer all my questions left me feeling confident that I had made the right choice. Upon arrival at their location, I was greeted by a friendly and knowledgeable staff. The check-in process was seamless, and the paperwork was handled before we even arrived, saving me valuable time. The car I had reserved was in pristine condition and ready for me to hit the road. What truly sets Monza Exotics apart is their commitment to customer satisfaction. The vehicle I rented was not only clean and well-maintained but also exceeded my expectations in terms of comfort and performance. It was evident that they take great care in ensuring their fleet is in excellent condition.
First name Last name
July 15, 2023.
Great rental company. Prices great and they work with you on the miles
Anthony Galli
July 8, 2023.
Great people. Great cars. Easy to pick up and drop off. I’ll be back!
Dr. Blas Villalobos
July 5, 2023.
I had an incredible experience with Jason from start to finish, and to say that I was impressed with the car would be an understatement. The Ferrari F8 was amazing, and very easy to drive after Jason covered all the necessary instructions. It was such a blast to drive that I decided to rent it for 3 days instead of 1 day which is what I had originally planned. You should definitely consider Monza Exotics if you’re looking for great customer service and an unforgettable experience driving an amazing car.
Robert Talavera
July 4, 2023.
Stunning Vehicles. Do not miss your opportunity to experience the very best of the best in luxury vehicles. The staff was super helpful and accommodating we couldn’t be more pleased with our adventure thanks to Monza exotics.
Rudy Alnaal
July 1, 2023.
My brother and I constantly rent our exotics from Monza. Jason and Aamer have the best customer service around with an excellent fleet available at all times. I’ve rented from other exotic renters in the SoCal area and nothing comes close to Monza. I 100% recommend as someone who is back and forth between coasts and always needing a reliable and fun exotic car when in the area.
Mohamad Alnaal
July 1, 2023.
Worked with Aamer. Rented three cars for a weekend and the process was seamless. Best prices around after doing tons of shopping.

How Long Does Monza Exotics Rentals Last?

As you consider us for your West Hollywood luxury car rental company, you may question how long you can rent our vehicles. We keep it simple by having you rent cars for 24 hours at a time, choosing how many days you want to rent the luxury vehicle.

For example, you can rent it for a single day or up to 30 days if you want it for a month. You can choose any number of days between one to ten, but you can also choose to rent it for 14 days or 30, though you can’t choose any options between those.

If you want to rent the vehicle for 11 days, you must talk with us or rent the car for multiple days. The price for the vehicle even includes a set amount of miles each day, with the option to pay for more miles if you have to drive past the limit.

Either way, the rentals can last a while, giving you plenty of flexibility to meet your needs while renting a luxury vehicle.

Do Exotic Car Rentals Require Specialized Insurance?

Driving through West Hollywood, you’ll wonder if such an excellent vehicle needs insurance. After all, if you drive it and don’t own the car, could you get in trouble for not holding specialized insurance to drive the vehicle?

Luckily for you, you don’t need to own special insurance to drive a vehicle. Remember that the United States requires you to own car insurance if you drive a vehicle, so ensure you have insurance to avoid unnecessary problems while you go on the road.

You don’t have to worry about purchasing new or temporary insurance to drive the rental vehicle since luxury cars are standard cars insurance-wise. However, if you plan to drive a rental, you may want to let your insurance company know so you don’t face unexpected situations.

On top of that, having car insurance can help you if you end up in an accident since you won’t want to pay for damages. You can always talk with us and ask questions if you want more details about insurance, so you won’t face unnecessary issues.

Your West Hollywood Luxury Car Choices

While you take the time to review the supercar rentals West Hollywood lets you use, you should start with the available categories.

If you don’t feel like getting a specific brand, you can choose the best style for your needs. However, you can also go through the brands available to pick a particular car based on what you like the most.


With so many choices available, you can quickly go through the options, see the cars we offer, and make the most out of your experience with Monza Exotics. You can easily pick the one you like the most, so it doesn’t hurt to navigate our website and get a feel for what you want.

Contact Us With Your Luxury Car Rental Questions

As you look into a West Hollywood luxury car rental company, you’ll naturally have questions and want to find the best choices. So you can talk with us at Monza Exotics to see what we offer, get more information, and understand what makes our business an excellent choice.

Do your best to understand why the sport car rentals West Hollywood offers stands out, especially at Monza Exotics. Then, navigate our website, see what works best for your situation, and look through our catalog to find a gorgeous car you want to rent.

If you have further questions or need clarification on our services, call 949-877-6485. Of course, you can always email us if you prefer, so feel free to reach out at reservations@monzaexotics.com to work through the information and get more answers.